Iberia Parish Schools Mission Statement
The Iberia Parish School System, realizing that all human life has value and dignity, sets forth as its mission to invest in the future by working in partnership with the community in a safe environment which provides resources and opportunities for all individuals to reach their potential, to become life-long learners, and to contribute to a constantly changing society. 

Iberia Parish Schools are administered under the authority of the Iberia Parish School Board, which consists of fourteen elected persons, each representing single-member districts.

At the head of the management team are Dale R. Henderson, Superintendent; C. Michael Judice, Assistant Superintendent of Administration; and Carey Laviolette, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction. The administrative staff also includes three Directors in charge of these departmental operations: Special Educational Services, Personnel and Public Relations, and Business and Operations.

A unitary non-segregated school system has been in effect since 1969. Changes have been made recently in school attendance zones. Students who live more than one mile from a school site are provided free transportation on one of the parish school buses. The neighborhood school concept is endorsed, with no student being bused out of his or her zone except for attendance at some middle and senior high schools and the Iberia Parish Career Center.

The curriculum offered at each school is that mandated by the Louisiana State Department of Education, with the addition of state-approved local electives. Student promotion and retention follow state guidelines and are outlined in the parish's Pupil Progression Plan. Parent/teacher conference days are scheduled periodically during the school year for parents to meet and confer with their child's teachers in a non-threatening, receptive "open house" atmosphere.

Our school system provdies monthly administrative professional development where administrators collaborate about current educational trends and issues. Additional targeted sessions provide support for intern administrators.

Philosophy and Goals

The Iberia Parish School Board subscribes to the belief that it is charged with the responsibility to provide for the children of educable age of Iberia Parish, regardless of physical, intellectual, or social differences, or of race or creed, a full opportunity for a free and appropriate education that will enable the individual to develop to the fullest extent of his/her capacity. In the practical application of this philosophy, as briefly stated in the "seven cardinal principles of education" set forth in the 1918 Report of the Commission of Reorganization of Secondary Education of the National Education Association, as reaffirmed in the report of the 1956 White House conference on Education, the public schools of Iberia Parish shall provide opportunities to the individual, within the limits of his/her capacity to develop:

The fundamental skills of communication - reading, writing, spelling, as well as other elements of effective oral and written expression; the arithmetical and mathematical skills, including problem solving.
Appreciation of our democratic heritage.
Civil rights and responsibilities and knowledge of American institutions.
Respect and appreciation for human values and for the beliefs of others.
Ability to think and evaluate constructively and creatively.
Effective work habits and self-discipline
Social competency as a contributing member of the family and community.
Ethical behavior based on a sense of moral and spiritual values.
Intellectual curiosity and eagerness for life-long learning.
Esthetic appreciation and self-expression in the arts.
Physical and mental health.
Wise use of time, including leisure pursuits.
Understanding of the physical world and man's relation to it as represented through basic knowledge of the sciences.
An awareness of our relationships with the world community.

To achieve these objectives for every child, including the handicapped/exceptional child, the public schools of Iberia Parish must provide:

Attractive, safe, and stimulating environments for the learning experiences of the students.
An effective program of guidance and counseling in preparation for the world of work.
An appropriate balance in the educational program that will provide stimulation and development of the useful talents of all children.
Balanced courses in the social sciences to develop in the students a better appreciation of the advantages of our democratic way of life.

The Iberia Parish School Board further recognizes and accepts the responsibility to cooperate with other appropriate institutions and agencies toward enriching the lives of its students and to meet the need for a continuing growth and development of its educational system to keep pace with the economic, social and moral implications resulting from modern advances in technology and science. All programs operated by the Iberia parish School Board are available to handicapped and minority students.

Administration Staff Directory
Chief Administrators 

Dale Henderson

C. Michael Judice
Assistant Superintendent of Administration

Carey Laviolette
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction


Flavia Eldridge
Special Education

Jacklene Jones
Human Resources

Robert G. Norris
Business and Operations
Administration Dept.
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