Louisiana Public School Choice

Unless in violation of a court order, the parent or legal guardian of any student may seek to enroll his/her child in the public school of his/her choice, without regard to residence, school system geographic boundaries, or attendance zones, provided that:

1. The public school in which the student was most recently enrolled, or would otherwise attend, received a school performance letter grade of D or F for the most recent school year, and

2. The school to which the student seeks to enroll received a school performance letter grade of A, B, or C and meets the other criteria in the School Choice Plan, for the most recent school year and has sufficient capacity at the appropriate grade level.

Transportation shall be provided only to students who are enrolled in an Iberia Parish Academically Unacceptable School.

The Superintendent shall be authorized to develop pertinent administrative regulations and procedures governing students seeking enrollment under the Louisiana Public School Choice section of this policy. Such regulations and procedures may include entering into inter-district agreements with other city, parish, or local school boards to provide for the admission of students, and the transfer of school funds or other payments by one school board to another for, or on account of, such attendance.

Enrollment under Louisiana Public School Choice shall only be for one school year, or applicable portion thereof if a student enrolls after the start of the school year.

Revised: February 10, 2015

Ref: 20 USC 6316 (No Child Left Behind, Section 1116)

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:105, 17:4035.1; Louisiana School, District, and State Accountability System, Bulletin 111, Louisiana Department of Education.

Board minutes, 12-7-04, 8-19-15

Contact Pousette Vincent, (337) 364-7641, James Russell, or Joel McFarland, (337)365-2341 should you have any questions.

Iberia Parish Implementation Procedure for Louisiana Public School Choice




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